Competitive Club Team Program.

Our club teams are competitive teams that travel all over Vancouver Island to play and compete in a competitive environment. This gives our athletes an opportunity to play with the best local athletes and play against other like-minded competitive teams.  

We have dedicated coaches to develop your skills through competitive practice session, skills development, game simulation, intense drills and individual attention. 

Club teams can run from April until June, costs vary based on the number of games scheduled, number of practice times, and other costs associated with each club team.  

Games are on a Saturday or Sunday on various weekends through May and June. Teams play all their games in one day except the Vikes Nation event. 

Club teams travel to various locations around Vancouver Island, RBA does not provide transportation to games.  Parents are asked to carpool and drive athletes to games. 

Scheduled events on Vancouver Island to date:

We will select events once teams are formed. 

Courtney, May 4-5 - Dime Valley - Island Series

Duncan, May 11 - 12 - Next Level - Island Series

Victoria, May 25 - 26 - SVIBA - Island Series

Victoria, June 1-2 - Vikes Nation - PT - TBD

Duncan, June 8-9 - Duncan - Island Series 

Victoria, June 22 - 23 - Island Club Championship TBD